Lake City, Minnesota

Day 152


     It was a beautiful day to take a paddle boat ride down Old Man River.


     Lake City is where the Mississippi meets the Chippewa river and widens out to Lake Pepin. Not only is it the largest lake on the river, but also one of the few natural lakes, formed about 400 million years ago. The others are man made as a result of 21 dams on the Mississippi. 


     Many were out enjoying themselves.

day-152-lake-city-mn-5774_fotor day-152-lake-city-mn-5755_fotor day-152-lake-city-mn-5747_fotor day-152-lake-city-mn-5745_fotor day-152-lake-city-mn-5732_fotor day-152-lake-city-mn-5769_fotor

     The Pepin lake is 22 miles long and 2 miles wide. There is only one working lighthouse on the Mississippi River, and here it is:


     By coincidence, Lake City was having their annual Junk Crush. And boy, did they have junk. 

day-152-lake-city-mn-5795_fotor day-152-lake-city-mn-5789_fotor day-152-lake-city-mn-5788_fotor

     Everything you could imagine, and more, including a barn door.


     Barbara did take time out to dip her piggies in the Mississippi River.





2 thoughts on “Lake City, Minnesota

  1. Oh boy, a junk crush. What a field day i would have had. The town sounds like FL-one natural lake and the rest are fakeahotchie (i spell words phonetically).



  2. We really enjoy sharing your travels. We’re seeing much of the country through your photos. Al says we don’t have to go on vacation as were seeing more than we would on a trip. Thanks Steven and Barbara, as I sit in Ponchatoula, LA. Keep them coming and stay safe.

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