Kellogg, Minnesota

Day 153


     Each year at this time, the harvesting of watermelons, Kellogg Minnesota hosts their watermelon festival. 

day-153-kellogg-mn-5834_fotor day-153-kellogg-mn-5826_fotor day-153-kellogg-mn-5832_fotorday-153-kellogg-mn-5807_fotor

     The main attraction is the parade.  Each of the various fire engine and float participants throw candy. The children come prepared with plastic grocery bags.


     Too bad that one kid wasn’t watching, those dual wheels sure make a mess.

     They have their own version of the Clydesdales

day-153-kellogg-mn-5836_fotor              The City has a nice tribute to their heroes.


     We are in farm country

day-153-kellogg-mn-5844_fotor day-153-kellogg-mn-5846_fotor day-153-kellogg-mn-5847_fotor

             Now, that is a John Deere:


     A popular event is the children’s tractor pull.

day-153-kellogg-mn-5853_fotor day-153-kellogg-mn-5862_fotor

     And, of course, there is watermelon. 



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