Welcome, Minnesota

Day 154

     Barbara says we have to stop dilly-dallying around and head west toward Mount Rushmore. 

     The direct route from here to there is Interstate 90. We generally travel 4-5 hours between campgrounds. That takes us about 180 to 200 miles, with a stop for lunch. Although I am quite comfortable driving the Sphinx, as you can imagine it is a tiny bit stressful. Since we are in farm country, campgrounds are spread out. So, it would be going much longer than 200 miles, or shorter.

     Our first stop is Welcome, Minnesota, population 689. 


     There is absolutely nothing to do in Welcome. Since the town was established in 1890 and there are only 689 people living here, that tells the story.  

     We saw smoke a short distance from our camp, so we went to investigate. It was a fully involved barn fire. That was today’s excitement.

     We were welcomed everywhere.day-154-welcome-mn-5869_fotor

     There are miles and miles of corn fields.day-154-welcome-mn-5870_fotor

     Barbara tried talking to the local people, but they were not very responsive. day-152-lake-city-mn-5806_fotor

Technical Stuff:

Wabasha, Minnesota to Welcome, Minnesota 169.5 miles

9.4 MPG

3 hours 20 minutes

Diesel: $2.34

10 thoughts on “Welcome, Minnesota

  1. Barb is not kidding. So much to see between where you are and Mt. Rushmore on I-90. Corn Palace in Mitchel, , Bad Lands NP , Wall Drug, Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City (tour nuke missile training site and missile museum), Strurgis (motorcycles), Deadwood (A must see for history buffs and people that like to gamble), Crazy Horse Memorial, panning for gold in Keystone, bison in Custer State Park, Wind Cave NP., Devils Tower NP just to name a few. We have done them all and I could literally spend a month in that area if I had time. Spent three days just in Deadwood. —Have fun — Don P.

    p.s…going to be snowing in the higher elevations there soon 🙂

  2. Thank you, Don. We will try to do it all. Fortunately, we have all the time in the world. We do have to watch for campgrounds closing for the season. In January, we tested the Sphinx to 4 degrees above 0, so we have no concerns on that end.

          1. That’s what I figured. Whole lot of nasty weather in that area starting in early October. If you are taking US 385 south from the Black Hills which goes past Wind Cave NP down to I-80 in Nebraska — it is a little late in the year, but Field Of Dreams movie site is a cool pit stop in Dyersville, IA. Also on US 385 before you get to I-80 is Carhenge in Alliance NE. Look it up, one of the top Roadside America bizarre tourist places. Also on I-80 in NE is the Strategic Air and Space Museum just off of I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln. Safe travels. — Don P.

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