Mitchell, South Dakota

Day 157


     The Corn Palace is an 8th Wonder of the World. Conceived in 1890 as a celebration of the harvest and to promote the town, it is today the only corn palace left in the world. And YOU get to see it here: day-157-mitchell-sd-5901_fotor

     It is made of corn of various colors, wheat, and other grains, attached to the building to create murals depicting various events or themes. This year’s theme is Rock of Ages, and portrays various singing artists from Elvis Presley to Willie



     At the beginning of the year, a committee decides on the theme. A local artist creates the murals and chalks what goes where on the building which has a black chalkboard type surface. Then the workers attach the corn and grains, sort of like paint by numbers. day-157-mitchell-sd-5910_fotor

      Inside is a 3200 seat theater and basketball court. The Palace hosts the local high school basketball team, The Kernels. 


     Tidbits of information: South Dakota became the 40th State in 1889. I bet you were dying to know that.

Technical Stuff

Welcome, MN to Mitchell, SD 200.2 miles

11 MPG

3 hours 46 minutes

Diesel: 2.34


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