Badlands, South Dakota

Day 159

     The Badlands of South Dakota encompass a vast area of the State, with only a portion in the National Park.  We are camping in the badlands outside of the National Park. 

          The Badlands were created over millions of years by glaciers, wind, earthquakes, and volcanos. Initially here everything was underwater. This accounts for the vast difference in topography in a short distance. From jagged rocks, to prairies, to lush


     Erosion of the Badlands reveals sedimentary layers of different colors: purple and yellow (shale), tan and gray (sand and gravel), red and orange (iron oxides) and white (volcanic ash).day-159-south-dakota-badlands-6100_fotor

There is an abundance of wildlife day-159-south-dakota-badlands-6045_fotor day-159-south-dakota-badlands-6085_fotor

and even a


2 thoughts on “Badlands, South Dakota

  1. We were there in ’09 and thought we had travelled to another planet! What a unique and diverse area!! You are having the trip of a lifetime!! Enjoy it all! Anne

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