Badlands, Dakota Territory

Day 161


     We spend the last 3 days driving around and through the Badlands. Today we hiked the interior. When we checked in at the ranger station he told us there were no restrictions on hiking. You can hike anywhere in the 100 square miles of the Badlands National Park, on or off a marked trail.

     There was not much difference between the marked and un marked trails. Although if you fell off the cliff on a marked trail, they can find you

During our hiking, you could come upon a cliff or crevice without warning.


You then had to hike around it, or turn around.


     It is difficult to tell from the photographs the depths of these crevices. On both sides of Barbara is a drop-off . 


This was not an unexpected cliff, this was our destination.



It was an uphill climb, but the views were impressive


We also saw some interesting rock formations.


These people were braver than we were


4 thoughts on “Badlands, Dakota Territory

  1. Hey guys, wanted to say how much fun it is to join your adventures with y’all. You are living my future; My adventure starts in 10 years 3 months and 7 hours :> Rob Drouin

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