Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

Day 164

     There are hundreds of caves in the Black Hills. One of the longest is in Wind Cave National Park at 141 miles. Amazingly, this is in a 1 square mile area, as the cave has multiple levels. 

     The “wind” is created by the change in barometric pressure. The air in the cave tries to equalizes with the are on the outside. Therefore, sometimes the wind is going in, and sometime out. Today, it was blowing out.


Otherwise, a cave is a

day-164-wind-cave-np-sd-6365_fotor day-164-wind-cave-np-sd-6360_fotor

     Tidbit of information: Esther Brazell was the first woman ranger in the National Park Service. On August 1, 1914 Thomas M. Brazell became superintendent of Wind Cave National Park. He brought with him his daughter, Esther, who gave tours of the cave. 

5 thoughts on “Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

  1. Wind Cave was pretty cool. Didn’t expect to find caverns in SD. When do you all plan to take the southern U.S. tour? If you think Wind Cave was cool, wait till you see Carlsbad in NM. That place is HUGE. If you are feeling really fit, hike in and out using the natural entrance instead of the elevator. Just be prepared to take a shower when you come back out. Don P.

      1. I’d head west along I-10 once winter hits. The southwest is beautiful in the winter. This would take you through AL, MS, LA, southern Texas, NM and AZ. Normally, I’d say head across I-40 west, but you might run into snow and ice in the winter even in northern NM and AZ. Snowing pretty good the other night in Jackson Hole (Yellowstone) which isn’t far from you.

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