Deadwood Gulch, South Dakota

Day 166


     Traveling through the Black Hills of South Dakota takes us to the gold mining town of Deadwood Gulch. Best known as the place where Wild Bill Hickok was shot playing draw poker, holding black aces and black eights. (he had two pair, anyone know what the fifth card in his hand was?)

     There was a reenactment of his shooting.

day-166-deadwood-sd-6445_fotor day-166-deadwood-sd-6447_fotor day-166-deadwood-sd-6451_fotor day-166-deadwood-sd-6452_fotor

     You old people probably remember the Saturday afternoon TV show of Wild Bill Hickok starring Guy Madison and Andy Devine (“Hey Wild Bill, wait for me!”)

     Actually, the hey day of Deadwood was only a few years, beginning in 1874 when George Armstrong Custer was charged by the Army to map out the area. His expedition found gold which started the gold rush in that area. Wild Bill was killed in 1876. Richer claims were found, and people were leaving by 1880.

     Some, but not many, of the original buildings remain.

day-166-deadwood-sd-6416_fotor day-166-deadwood-sd-6417_fotor

     This barber shop has a sense of humor.


2 thoughts on “Deadwood Gulch, South Dakota

  1. Try and visit Kevin Costner’s hotel. The restaurant has all kinds of memorabilia from his movies. Also, there is a really cool car museum in one of the main street stores. Can’t remember which one. It’s in the back of a casino/bar. Do they still do the main street shoot-out everyday and the shooting/trial/hanging of Wild Bill or is that stuff just during the summer? The cemetery tour of Mt. Moriah is pretty cool too, but that may also be only during the summer.

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