Frontier Town, Nebraska

Day 172


     Kenneth “Dobby” Lee wanted to recreate the Alliance town he grew up in. It is a hands on approach. That is you can touch everything, including an original ledger book of 1880. In contrast, when we were in the Wind Cave, the ranger told us not to touch the walls of the caves as it would destroy it’s delicate balance. REALLY? The Caves have been there for 400 million years, and my touch will destroy it?


     After Dobby died, his son and the town of Alliance kept up Dobby’s Frontier Town.

day-172-frontier-ne6764_fotor day-172-frontier-ne6758_fotor


     Back in those days, there was little wood for the settlers to built their homes. Improvising, they used bails of hay which they then covered with stucco made from the limestone in the area. day-172-frontier-ne6774_fotor day-172-frontier-ne6771_fotor

day-172-frontier-ne6786_fotor day-172-frontier-ne6753_fotor

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