Grand Island, Nebraska

Day 177

      Went to the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer. Not much going on since it is the end of the season. There were two things of interest:

     First is Henry Fonda’s birth house. He was born in Grand Island in 1905.


     The second is they built a pioneer town. This is what I expected Deadwood Gulch to look like. 

day-177-grand-island-ne-7013_fotor day-177-grand-island-ne-7017_fotor day-177-grand-island-ne-7018_fotor

     We saw wild turkeys do their mating dance in the middle of the road.



     See you later.


Technical Stuff

North Platte, NE to Grand Island, NE 148 miles

2 hours 54 minutes

12.2 MPG

Diesel: $2.22

2 thoughts on “Grand Island, Nebraska

  1. Our son, Andrew, has been the TSA supervisor at the Grand Island Airport for the past year. Last week, he and his wife left Grand Island for his new position at the Airport in Juneau, Alaska. His wife loves bright skies and little rain, conditions that she is not likely to experience in Juneau.

    1. Hi Bob,
      I plan on taking the Sphinx to Alaska in 2018. By that time I expect to have enough experience to travel the unpaved roads of the Alaska Highway, and transverse the mountains. Maybe your son can give us some tips by then.

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