Mark Twain Cave, Hannibal, Missouri

Day 192

     We went to the Mark Twain Cave. It was much more interesting than the Wind Cave. Here, they let you touch the walls. The cave was discovered in 1819 when a hunter was following his dog who went into the cave. Since then it has been a major attraction.

day-192-mark-twain-mo-7565_fotor day-192-mark-twain-mo-7551_fotor day-192-mark-twain-mo-7536_fotor

Numerous people left their mark on the walls.

day-192-mark-twain-mo-7537_fotor day-192-mark-twain-mo-7549_fotor day-192-mark-twain-mo-7539_fotor

     This cave featured prominently in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It is where he and Becky got lost, and where Injun Joe was found dead.

     We also attended a one man show of Mark Twain, Jim Waddell, it was ok, but not great. Barbara and I were the only ones in the audience. I would have thought since it was only the two of us there would have been more interaction between the actor and us. There was none. He played it as if we were not there.

day-192-mark-twain-mo-7586_fotor day-192-mark-twain-mo-7581_fotor


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