Branson, Missouri

Day 198

     The community of Branson was named after Ruben Branson. In 1882 Reuben opened a general store and post office in the area. Branson was formally incorporated in 1912. 

     Jim Owen, Mayor of Branson for 12 years and entrepreneur, built the first theater in 1934. Called “The Hillbilly Theater” it began to attract people from far and wide to tour the area. 1959 saw the completion of Table Rock Dam on the White River, which created Table Rock Lake. Also in 1959, the Baldknobbers Jamboree opened the first live music show in Branson.

     We are staying at Branson Stagecoach Campground, located next to Table Rock Dam. Unfortunately, you cannot see the lake or dam from the Campground. This is what we see.


     Not as nice as our last campground. 

Technical Stuff:

Lake of the Ozarks, MO to Branson MO 149.2 miles

3 hours 39 minutes

9.7 miles per gallon

Diesel: $2.19


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