Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

Day 199

     Silver Dollar City is an  1880s-style theme park located in Branson, Missouri. It is the old west, with numerous craftsman and shows, and a full amusement park for the kids. Most of the venues in Branson are changing over for their christmas shows. Today was the last day of it’s regular shows at Silver City. Tomorrow they will close for 4 days as they convert to their christmas theme which will run through the 1st of the year. 

     We saw numerous shows through out the day, including:

     The dance hall girls at the Silver City Saloon day-199-silver-city-mo-7653_fotor day-199-silver-city-mo-7662_fotor

     Which included a shootout.


     The Homestead Pikers, a backwoods group,


     A presentation on wild horses, which still roam the West,


     Barbara stopped to try on the local fashions,


     The Cajun group was very entertaining. Makes me looking forward to going to New Orleans next year, day-199-silver-city-mo-7727_fotor day-199-silver-city-mo-7717_fotor day-199-silver-city-mo-7734_fotor

     Took a ride on the Stream Engine around the park, which was a real steam engine, day-199-silver-city-mo-7741_fotor day-199-silver-city-mo-7752_fotor day-199-silver-city-mo-7751_fotor

     The train was robbed by backwoods outlaws,


     Saw a magic show, eh! He will never make it to Carniege Hall, day-199-silver-city-mo-7772_fotor

     Now, this is the way life should be,


     Unfortunately, it landed me in the hoosegow


     This guy was taking logs,

day-199-silver-city-mo-7783_fotor day-199-silver-city-mo-7793_fotor

     hand carving them to this for a log cabin, day-199-silver-city-mo-7778_fotor

     And now, our day has

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