Showboat, Branson, Missouri

Day 204


Went on a riverboat for dinner, a show, and a cruise.


However, most of it was for show. For example, the smoke stacks were for show,


The 10 ft. diameter helm was for show,


     Even the Capitan was for show. Not only that, it wasn’t even a river, it was a lake. The Boat is powered by diesel fuel, which turns a generator, which creates electricity to run the Boat. No steam. The Boat is steered by a computer. 


The knob in the lower left corner turns the rudder, which steers the ship. 


So, before they retrofitted, where was the engine room?


The Boat has a 700 capacity seating theater.


There was a nice meal, (except no soda, and the lemonade was weak) accompanied by singers,






and a Ventriloquist,


If you don’t finish your peas, you walk the plank.


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