Shoji Tabuchi Show, Branson, Missouri

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Shoji Tabuchi, pronounced 田淵 章, is a …>>>>>… guess.

     Shoji Tabuchi was born April 16, 1944 in Daishoji, Ishikawa, Japan. Started playing the violin at age 7. Came to the United States in the 60’s and became an American Citizen. He became well known after playing at the Grand Ole Opera in Tennessee. He started playing in Branson in the 80’s, and now has his own theater. A true American success story.


His step-daughter also performs in the show:

day-208-tabuchi-branson-mo-8327_fotor day-208-tabuchi-branson-mo-8331_fotor

One thought on “Shoji Tabuchi Show, Branson, Missouri

  1. Hi! Tom & I enjoyed Tabuchi’s show several years ago. He was so talented and put on quite a show. We were amazed how many times he changed his dinner jacket. Did you use the facilities in the theater? Unfortunately, you could only use the appropriate one and not sightsee in the other one. . .haha!! Guess you’re on your way back to MD. Safe travels!

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