West Memphis, Arkansas

Day 213


     We have turned east and are heading towards Maryland, expecting to arrive home in about a month. 

     Today we are staying in West Memphis, Arkansas. Our campsite is right on the Mississippi River, which I can view as I type this. 

     We had another challenge as we drove here. About 6 tenths of a mile before the campsite we came upon a railroad crossing (it seems a lot of our campsites are next to railroad crossings, or depots). The gates were down and a train was stopped on the tracks. We waited about a half hour, then decided to call the campground for suggestions. They told us to turn around and gave us a route that would get us around the train. The street we were on was a normal size side street, which would not allow us to turn around. There was a tractor trailer ahead of us and 3 behind us, also waiting to cross the train tracks. 

     The tractor trailer ahead of us drove up to the train and turned into a warehouse lot, where he turned around and exited in the opposite direction down the street. We followed his example and did the same thing. 

     We followed the directions of the campground host which took us a couple of miles down a street which paralleled the train tracks. We eventually turned to cross the train track and saw the end of the train which blocked our initial crossing. If the train had 5 more cars, we would not have been able to cross even here. 

     When we arrived at the campground, appropriately called Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi RV Park, we were informed that since we were on the riverside of the levy we will be notified if the Mississippi rises to a crest, so that we can evacuate. 

     After setting up camp, we walked along the banks of the river. It was fairly low as there has been little rain in the area for the last month or so. However, we did notice all the electric was up on towers. 

     We went to look at the laundry facilities, which was also elevated with this sign:


Technical Stuff:

Hot Springs, AR to West Memphis, AR 205.4 miles

4 hours 18 minutes

11.9 MPG

Diesel: $2.10

2 thoughts on “West Memphis, Arkansas

  1. Steve I have very much enjoyed your daily reports, they are a wonderful break from the daily grind I have not seen much of what you have seen but I have seen quite a bit of the West sites and Europe Why are coming back to Maryland?


    1. Hi Tom, Nice to hear from you. We will be returning to Maryland in mid December for my father’s 96th birthday. Then right after the first of the year off to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Then back to Maryland in May for a wedding. Then to New Mexico for the balloon festival.

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