Wytheville, Virginia

Day 235

     We decided to take 81 North to Virginia rather than 40 South to North Carolina  because we did not want to go through the fire area. Although all the fires are now out, there is still damage and cleanup, plus damage from the tornadoes. 

     Wytheville, Virginia is located in the western part of Virginia, just over the Tennessee line. North Carolina is just below us, with West Virginia just above. The city’s motto is “There’s Only One”, as no other town in the United States has the same name. 

     Wytheville (pronounced WITH-ville) was founded in 1792 as Evansham on 100 acres of land. That name was to honor prominent local citizen Jesse Evans. However, the town burned down in 1839 and was renamed for the first signer of the Declaration of Independence for Virginia – George Wythe. 

     Wytheville has the world’s larges pencil:


     We attended Wytheville’s annual Christmas Parade. 

     We had a Skeeter’s famous hot dog, a baby coke, and watched the parade in front of that building, where Edith Bolling Wilson was born, wife of Widrow Wilson. 


     After the parade, we ate dinner in a house built in 1776. 



Technical Stuff:

Kodax, Tennessee to Wytheville, Virginia:   171.2 miles

3 hours 24 minutes

11.3 MPG

Diesel: $2.03

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