Fallston, Maryland

Day 244

     Fallston, Maryland was established . . . . . . . .just kidding. WE ARE HOME

     Today is December 13, 2016.  We have camped 244 nights since leaving home February 20, 2016

     We have stayed at 51 different campgrounds (that’s 102 setups and take downs.)

     We have pulled the Sphinx 9,463 miles

     and have done additional sightseeing in the pickup 10, 250 miles. 

     Now that we are “home”, please stop over and take a tour of the Sphinx.

     My plan is to leave January 3, 2017 and head south for warm weather. 


Technical Stuff:

Staunton, Virginia to Fallston, Maryland 226.5 miles

5 hours 55 minutes

11.1 MPG

Diesel: $2.30


4 thoughts on “Fallston, Maryland

  1. Welcome back! You will need to do a summary of things you wished you knew before you started, what you missed from home, and your new plan of attack going forward. Did you ever wish during your trips that you never would have done this if you had known xxxx…

    Enjoyed the history and all the places you visited!

  2. Thanks for a wonderful holiday season in Maryland. We had a great time hanging out with you and celebrating four great special days. Happy travels if you ever get out of there.

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