Ditto’s Landing, Alabama

Day 266

day-266-ditto-landing-al-9732_fotor day-266-ditto-landing-al-9731_fotor

     We are staying at the campground located at Ditto’s Landing, on the Tennessee River, about 12 miles from Redstone Arsenal. In 1807 Pioneer James Ditto began operating a ferry service from here across the Tennessee River. This landing became a major crossing to Madison County, Alabama, and became a thriving port, with the town of Whitesburg being incorporated here on December 23, 1824. Throughout the 19th century this port was a major cotton shipping center. However, with the advent of railroads, water transportation declined and the town disappeared. The Post Office closed in 1905.


2 thoughts on “Ditto’s Landing, Alabama

  1. Lovely area. Looks like you could select any spot. This time of year seems to be the perfect tome to travel and stay in RV parks



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