Vidalia, Louisiana

Day 277


     We traveled from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Vidalia, Louisiana on Route 61, the blues road, named for the fact that it was the road taken by many artists going north from New Orleans to Memphis.      

     Our campground is on the Mississippi River in Vidalia, Louisiana, which is across the river from Natchez, Mississippi.


.    We walked along the river bank watching the barges going up and down the river. 


     Vidalia was founded April 21, 1798 by Don José Vidal, when he received a land grant from the Spanish Governor. This territory was under Spanish rule, before the United States acquired it in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. 

Technical Stuff:

Askew’s Landing, Mississippi to Vidalia, Louisiana 96.6 miles.

2 hours 29 minutes

11.4 MPG

Diesel: $2.17



3 thoughts on “Vidalia, Louisiana

  1. Is that where we get vidalia onions? Tried to see if gore vidal was related to don jose vidal. Didn’t see a connection.



    1. The onions are named Vidalia because of where they are grown, Vidalia, Georgia (growing there started in the early 1930s). The different varieties are unusually sweet, due to the low amount of sulfur in the soil in which the onions are grown. The Vidalia onion was named Georgia’s official state vegetable in 1990.

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