Nottoway Plantation, White Castle, Louisiana

Day 292


     John Hampden Randolph was born to a wealthy Virginia family in Nottoway County, Virginia on March 24, 1813.

     Nottoway Plantation, named after the County in which he was born, is located in White Castle, Louisiana, about 76 miles west of New Orleans. The plantation mansion was built by John Randolph in 1859 for his wife and 11 children, and is the largest antebellum plantation house in the South with 53,000 square feet of living

     Nottoway has over an acre of floor space spread out over three floors, with a total of 64 rooms, 165 doors and 200 windows, most of which can also double as

     Before the union troops took over, it was a sugarcane plantation. 


     After the war, President Andrew Jackson issued a proclamation (now called an executive order) that required wealthy southern supporters to travel to Washington and personally apologize to the President for supporting the confederacy and ask for a pardon, which Randolph did on February 14, 1867. 

7 thoughts on “Nottoway Plantation, White Castle, Louisiana

  1. That’s just a tad bigger than the Sphinx!! And do you know why there were so many windows that could double as doors? At one time there was a tax on doors, so windows were made to double as both. It was known as the Jefferson (yes the president) window. I would suppose there were no closets in the house, but armoires. For the same reason – there was a tax on doors.

  2. Do you know when Andrew Jackson’s birthday is?
    By the way what is my fabulous prize for guessing what the 12th day of Christmas means ?🎊😄🎉

  3. I was born on the same day as Andrew Jackson? There goes my self esteem. I thought we were complete opposites.

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