Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Day 296


    Not all days are exciting. Today we went to Antique Stores. (Why? I don’t know, since she can’t buy anything as there is no room in the RV.)


     The show started at the old Ponchatoula Train Station, now antique stores. 


     Although the train still runs, this station is no longer a train station. The train actually runs through the center of town, and crosses 6 intersections. This train went through the center of town doing about 50 miles an hour, and didn’t slow down. 

     Keep track of us.


4 thoughts on “Ponchatoula, Louisiana

  1. Did you all do an air boat swamp tour while you are the area? We are going to N.O. in a few weeks with a side trip to Mobile and Biloxi and my wife wants to do a swamp tour.

    1. We did the swamp boat tour in Florida. We might go to Biloxi, but I want to spend
      More time in New Orleans. I want to see the confederate statutes the legislature ordered taken down.

      1. –We are flying into New Orleans. Since Mobile, AL is only a two hour drive, we are driving to Mobile to see the USS Alabama battleship and some other sites. On the way back we are staying in Biloxi, MS at a casino on the gulf. Between Biloxi and New Orleans which is about an hour drive, I saw some swamp tours off of I-10. I can read the reviews, but a first hand account is always better.–

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