Camp Moore, Louisiana

Day 309

Day 309 Camp Moore Louisiana 0845_Fotor

     Camp Moore is located in Tangipahoa, Louisiana. It was named to honor Thomas Overton Moore, the Civil War Governor of the State of Louisiana. The Camp opened in 1861 and was the largest Confederate training camp in Louisiana. Over 25,000 men, mostly from Louisiana, passed through Camp Moore on their way to war. It was here that they would learn the discipline and drill that would transform farmers and merchants into soldiers. 

     Although no battles were fought here, 800 died as a result of two measles epidemics in 1861 and 1862. 

Day 309 Camp Moore Louisiana 0839_Fotor

     In November, 1864, the Camp was overrun by Union forces and burned to the ground. There were very few confederates here at the time and they just fled the area when the North showed up. 

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  1. Question for you all. So we are going to New Orleans next month and staying at a major hotel on Canal Street across from the casino. I just read a NOLA news article that said that crime has spiked dramatically in New Orleans, even in the tourist areas like the French Quarter. It cited a lot of tourist being beaten and having their wallets/phones stolen, some time in the middle of the day. You all just spent a good deal of time there, any truth?

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