City of Biloxi, Mississippi

Day 316

     Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville, was born July 9, 1661 in Montreal, Canada of French colonist parents. He was a soldier, ship captain, explorer, colonial administrator, adventurer, privateer, trader, and founder of the French colony of La Louisiane of New France. On February 13, 1699 d’Iberville, on orders of King Louis XIV, landed here looking for the mouth of the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico. Native Americans were present on the mainland when d’Iberville came ashore. They greeted d’Iberville with a “belly-rub” ceremony. The name they called themselves sounded like BIL-OX-EE to the French and they gave the bay and the area that name.

     The beachfront of Biloxi lies directly on the Mississippi Sound, with barrier islands scattered off the coast and into the Gulf of Mexico

     One of Biloxi’s most known features has been the Biloxi Lighthouse, which was built in Baltimore and then shipped south and completed in May 1848. With more than 160 years of service, the lighthouse has weathered 20 hurricanes. The lighthouse is displayed on the Mississippi license tags. 

    Biloxi has come under the jurisdiction of 8 entities : France 1699, Great Britain 1763, Spain 1783, Republic of West Florida 1810, United States 1811, Confederate States of America 1861, Magnolia State 1861, Mississippi 1894. 

Technical Stuff:

Ponchatoula, Louisiana to Biloxi, Mississippi:  97.1 miles

2 hours 26 minutes

10.6 MPG

Diesel: $2.27

4 thoughts on “City of Biloxi, Mississippi

  1. You guys are heading east, you are going the wrong way. You should be heading west! Just kidding. We will be there next week in Biloxi/Mobile and New Orleans. How is the weather?

    1. We are retired, therefore no matter what the weather, it is great. Actually, we just extended our stay at the current campground for 2 days because of high winds, rain, and tornadoes. But still, the weather is great.

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