D’Iberville, Mississippi

Day 317

 Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1067_Fotor

     The City of D’lberville lies across the bay from Biloxi. The community of d’Iberville has always had a somewhat distinct identity from that of its neighbor. For many years, the settlers on the north shore were disconnected by the natural barrier of the bay itself. It wasn’t until 1901 that a pedestrian bridge connected the two communities, followed by the Biloxi Bridge in 1927. The City of Biloxi, bound on the west by Gulfport and on the east by Ocean Springs, was continually making attempts to annex north of its boundaries. Many citizens of the community of d’Iberville had been fighting such attempts as early as the 1930s. On February 23, 1988 the community was incorporated and the City of D’Iberville was born.

     Today they celebrated the landing of Pierre LeMoyne, Sieur d’Iberville, it’s namesake, with a re-enactment. Phrases such as d’Iberville were used after proper names as a reference to a noble title, either inherited or issued by a sovereign. “D’Iberville” referred to a fief held by his father’s family in Dieppe, a province of Normandy, France.

     It appears the re-enactors were not fanatic about authenticity, as the priest who blessed the landing had a can of sprite,

Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1096_Fotor

     This sailor communicated on his cell phone.

 Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1082_Fotor

     The aid to d’Iberville had a button that said I love D’lberville

Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1069_Fotor

     This indian is talking on a walkie-talkie

Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1104_Fotor

     But the townspeople showed up in costume, and a good time was had by all

 Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1118_Fotor

     Being on the water, pelicans also had a good time

Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1040_Fotor

     Plus, it was a beautiful day

Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1131_Fotor

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