Shrimp Boat, Biloxi, Mississippi

Day 321

Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1234_Fotor

    Took a trip on a shrimp boat to see how it is done. I didn’t know shrimp had heads.  Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1336_Fotor

     The local gulls tried to cash in on the catch:

Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1268_Fotor

     Tidbit of information: More blue crabs are caught in Louisiana than in Maryland. While Maryland blue crap season is 4 months, here it is all 12. Most of the crabs we eat in Maryland come from Louisiana.

Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1281_Fotor

     I bet you never saw this type of blue crab:

Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1283_Fotor

     It is a pregnant female, and they are illegal to possess. 

     In our quest for the unusual: here is a witch on a broom

Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1347_Fotor

     The largest Indian Head in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

 Day 317 D'Iberville MS 1007_Fotor

     The largest rocking chair in the world is in Gulfport, Mississippi Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1359_Fotor

     The red mark on the pole is the high water mark of Katrina in Biloxi

Day 320 Shrimp boat Biloxi MS1348_Fotor

6 thoughts on “Shrimp Boat, Biloxi, Mississippi

  1. That’s pretty cool. We will be in Biloxi on Friday. Is that one of those Forrest Gump Shrimping Boat tours, lol? Which one is it and how long was it?

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful travels and giving me a geography lesson to boot!! I got back the end of Feb. from FL and CA and have since been dealing with problems with the specialized medicine for my back issues. Hoping to start with another med soon that appears to be more helpful and with no complications. Have a Happy Easter wherever you are! Anne

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