Sunset Cruise, Panama City Beach, Florida

Night 331

Went on a sunset cruise out of Panama City Beach, Florida.

Day 331 Sunset Cruise FL1908_Fotor

Are those Somalian pirates?

Day 331 Sunset Cruise FL1809_FotorDay 331 Sunset Cruise FL1812_Fotor

Is that Jean Lafitte?

Day 331 Sunset Cruise FL1829_Fotor

We saw porpoises

Day 331 Sunset Cruise FL1883_Fotor


Day 331 Sunset Cruise FL1880_Fotor

and this weird thing

of course, we saw the sunset

Day 331 Sunset Cruise FL1928_Fotor

and then the moon filled the sky

Day 331 Sunset Cruise FL1950_Fotor

2 thoughts on “Sunset Cruise, Panama City Beach, Florida

  1. If I were choosing the best photo I have seen from your adventures, it would be the first one in this post. Absolutely the best and I love seeing how much you are enjoying your retirement. Keep the good times coming so that I can live vicariously through your adventure until I can retire!

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