Grand Lagoon, Florida

Day 336

Hiked the peninsula between Grand Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Saw the usual things:

Snowy Egret

Day 336 Grand Lagoon FL2012_Fotor

Blue Heron

Day 336 Grand Lagoon FL2052_Fotor


Day 336 Grand Lagoon FL2025_Fotor


Day 336 Grand Lagoon Fl2091_Fotor


Day 336 Grand Lagoon FL2074_Fotor


Day 336 Grand Lagoon FL2047_Fotor


Day 336 Grand Lagoon FL2069_Fotor


Day 336 Grand Lagoon Fl2094_Fotor

Even the GEICO gecko:

Day 340 Tallahassee Fl2205_Fotor

And this warning:

Day 336 Grand Lagoon Fl2092_Fotor




4 thoughts on “Grand Lagoon, Florida

    1. You know Tom, I had a picture of a turtle we saw, and I forgot yo include it. Very good! If I could figure out how to post a picture in these replies, I would. Day 340 Tallahassee Fl2181.JPG (nope, just the name)

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