Castillo de San Marcos, Florida

Day 352

     When you think of St. Augustine, the first image that comes to mind is the Castillo de San Marcos. 

Day 348 St Augustine Fl 2362_Fotor

     There has been a Spanish fort on this site from the time of the settlement of St. Augustine. Nine wooden forts to be exact, up to 1672. At that time, the city was plundered, sacked, and burned to the ground by the pirate Robert Searless. The Governor then order this brick fort to be built, construction began on October 2, 1672. Since that time the fort has never been taken by force. 

     This is now North America’s oldest masonry fortification. 

     TIDBIT OF INFORMATION: How many colonies did England have in what is now known as the United States?    

     Wrong! There were 15 colonies. When England gained control of Florida from Spain at the end of the seven years war, in 1764, she divided Florida into 2 colonies to better govern this mass territory. In order to inhabit this new and untamed land, settlers were offered land and goods. At the time of the Revolution, these new colonist were very happy with England, and her rule, and would have no part of the Convention in Philadelphia planning a Revolution. 

     With the British losing the Revolution, Florida was returned to Spain for her support in the war, and the 2 colonies were dissolved. 

Day 348 St Augustine Fl 2345_Fotor

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