Fort William Henry, New York

Day 382

Day 382 Fort Henry, NY 3017_Fotor

     The French and Indian War (they were on the same side) was THE First World War, as fighting between Britain, France, and Spain took place in the Caribbean, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, and North America.

     A minor battle of that war (I guess it was not minor for the 1500 men who died) took place here at Fort William Henry in Upstate New York on Lake George. The Battle is most noted for the resolute but ultimately unsuccessful defense of the Fort on August 9, 1757 by British Lieutenant-Colonel George Munro. He was forced to surrender to the French after a 6 day siege. Upon his retreat from the fort he was attacked by the Mohawk Indian allies of the French who had not been paid by the French as promised. They massacred 185 of Munro’s unarmed troops. 

     If this sounds familiar, it is because you read it in James Fenimore Cooper’s novel The Last of the Mohicans.

     The fort we visited was a replica of the original 1755 fort which was burned to the ground as the French moved on to their next battle in 1757. This is all that remains:

Day 382 Fort Henry, NY 3037_Fotor

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