Alexandria Bay, New York

Day 392

St Lawrence River     

     Alexandria Bay is a village located on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River near the U.S. and Canada border. It is about mid-way in the 1000 island area of New York. The site of this village was selected by Cadwallader Child in 1804 while surveying a road, with settlement in the area beginning in 1817. The town of Alexandria derives its name from Alexander, son of J.D LeRay de Chaumont under whom much of the land was settled. The township was formed April 3, 1821. However, by 1836 there were only 25 dwellings here. This area is mostly for summer tourists. 

      We chose this area to set up our camp as it is central to towns along the St. Lawrence River, and easy access to the 1000 island area. 

Alexandria Bay

Technical Stuff:

Peru, New York to Alexandria Bay, New York: 198.3 miles

5 hours 11 minutes

9.9 MPG

Diesel: $2.50


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