1000 Islands, New York

Day 395

Day 395 1000 Isl NY 3465_Fotor

     So, how did the 1000 Islands come to be? Lore has it that Manitou said to the Indians: “I will give you paradise, if you stop fighting”. According to legend, the Indians did not stop fighting, so Manitou put paradise into a bag and threw it into the horizon. The bag broke apart and a thousand pieces fell down into the St. Lawrence River, creating the Thousand Islands.

     The Islands range in size from 1 foot to 40 square miles. 

    Actually, by my count, there are 1,864 islands that dot the St. Lawrence River and comprise the 1000 Island Region. It took me 3 days to count the Islands. In fact, I did it twice to be sure.

     What are the criteria to be an “Island” here? It must be above water level year round, have an area greater than 1 square foot, and support at least one living tree. 

Day 395 1000 Isl NY 3351_Fotor

    We will be spending the next few days traveling on the St. Lawrence River exploring the islands. If I wrote on all of them, you would be terribly bored, so I will just pick a couple.

     No island is divided by the international border, meaning each is either wholly within the United States or Canada. That causes the international border to zig zag across the water instead of forming a straight line between the two countries.

     Most of the islands are privately owned, with the bigger ones having electricity.

Day 395 1000 Isl NY 3335_Fotor

     Heavy rains during the previous month has caused the river level to rise 2 feet, putting many docks and buildings under water.

Day 395 1000 Isl NY 3437_Fotor

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