Dark Island, New York

Day 397

Day 397 Dark Island NY 3514_Fotor

     Dark Island, in the St. Lawrence River, New York, was first charted as Bluff Island in 1818. The Island was purchased by Frederick Gilbert Bourne in 1902.

     Bourne was President of the Singer Manufacturing Company between 1889 and 1905, where he made his fortune.

     He hired architect Ernest Flagg to build a hunting lodge on the St. Lawrence River, as his island retreat. 

Day 397 Dark Island NY 3529_Fotor

     This hunting lodge was based on a book written by Sir Walter Scott in 1826 called Woodstock. The book describes an elegant castle with secret passageways, tunnels, and a dungeon. This castle is known as Singer Castle, and we toured it today. 

     The most impressive part of the castle were the secret passages. One located in just about  every room.

Day 397 Dark Island NY 3522_Fotor

     This one, in the library, is opened by an electronic switch under a mantel.

     The passages are interconnecting leading to all the rooms. In this room, a picture is slanted so you can view from the passage.

Day 397 Dark Island NY 3511_Fotor

     This man had more money than he knew what to do with. The kitchen had an experimental combination cooking top and refrigerator:

Day 397 Dark Island NY 3520_Fotor

     This bathroom had a skylight in the floor to the bathroom underneath which had no windows. 

Day 397 Dark Island NY 3523_Fotor

     From the ramparts was an excellent view of the river:Day 397 Dark Island NY 3507_Fotor1

You can book an overnight stay at the castle for a mere $700.00.

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