Ashtabula County, Ohio

Day 412

Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4118_Fotor

     Spent the day looking for covered bridges. Ashtabula County, Ohio, is reported to have seventeen covered bridges within the county limits, including both the longest and the shortest covered bridges in the United States. 

     Now, we have traveled in the past throughout New England seeking covered bridges. It was our understanding that the longest wooden covered bridge in the US was the one connecting Vermont to New Hampshire, which we visited on that trip. The Cornish–Windsor Covered Bridge is a covered bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Cornish, New Hampshire and Windsor, Vermont. It was the longest covered bridge still standing in the United States until the Smolen–Gulf Bridge opened in Ohio in 2008. The Cornish–Windsor Bridge is still the longest wooden covered bridge and has the longest single covered span to carry automobile traffic. The Smolen-Gulf Bridge, we saw today, had a concert floor, covered by a wooded structure. The cover is obviously not needed today. 

Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4093_Fotor

     Covered bridges were built 150 to 200 years ago to protect the wooden floor of the bridge from the elements. The roads leading up to those bridges, which usually crossed water, were dirt roads. 

Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4094_Fotor

     There was a smaller, pedestrian only bridge below the Smolen-Golf Bridge, recently built. 

     When we approached the Root Road Bridge, it appeared the width was only 8’2″. The width of my truck is 8’3″. The bridge looked wider, so we attempted to drive the truck through.

 Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4117_Fotor

     We went back and actually measured the bridge (yes, I carry a 25′ tape measure with me). The bridge was in fact 11’8″wide.

     After viewing 9 of the 17 bridges in the County, we realized they were all build within the last 25 years, and was a tourist come-on. 

 Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4116_Fotor

     We did see one original bridge, the Graham Road Bridge, built sometime in the 1800, it was washed away in a 1913 storm. The remnants were rebuilt here, where it is on display where it use to cross the west branch of the Ashtabula River.

Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4110_Fotor

     After searching for wooden covered bridges all day, where else to eat but the Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor. 

 Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4120_Fotor

     This bridge was built in 1862. In 1972, Ashtabula County decided to replace the bridge and sold it for $5.00. The new owners took down the bridge, piece by piece, and re-assembled it here for their pizza parlor. 


 Day 412 Ashtabula, OH 4099_Fotor




2 thoughts on “Ashtabula County, Ohio

    1. Thank you. We are heading to Springfield, Illinois, to Abraham Lincoln’s home and history, then to Colorado, then to New Mexico for the Hot Air Balloon festival. We just went to our first RV rally, which I will blog about, toured covered bridges in Indiana, which I will also blog about. I am glad you are enjoying my writings.

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