Heroes, Goshen, Indiana

Day 422

     Where will you find the only comic book superhero museum in the country? If you said The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., you are wrong.

     It is in Goshen, Indiana. Run by Allen Stewart, whom we met today. Stewart is a 46 year old realtor who began collecting comic books as a youth. His collection became so large, he build a building behind his house to house these treasures.  The museum is designed to look like the Hall of Justice building featured in the 1970s cartoon, “Super Friends.”

     More than 65,000 superhero comic books and thousands of superhero action figures can be found, including the original Batman suit worn by Adam West in the TV series, above, and this original costume from the Greatest American Hero, worn by William Katt.

     Stewart, who graduated from Indiana University at South Bend with degrees in history and teaching, is one of the nation’s foremost historians of comic books.


4 thoughts on “Heroes, Goshen, Indiana

  1. I can’t believe I missed William Katt and Robert Culp in The Greatest American Hero (1981 – 83). Thanks for the heads up. Too bad Allen could keep his latest two super heroes for only a few hours. Was this before or after you went to Elkhart?

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