South Bend, Indiana

Day 429

     South Bend, Indiana, is a city on the St. Joseph River near its southernmost bend, from which it derives its name. The area was originally settled in the early 19th century by fur traders and was established as a city on May 22, 1865.

     Barbara wanted to go to South Bend to see the campus of Notre Dame, more correctly called The University of Notre Dame du Lac. Notre Dame du Lac means “Our Lady of the Lake” and refers to the university’s patron saint, the Virgin Mary. The main campus covers 1,250 acres, and it seems we walked it all. The school was founded on November 26, 1842, by Father Edward Sorin, who was also it’s first president, as an all-male institution (women started sneaking into the university in 1972).

Day 429 South Bend IN 4341_Fotor

     In the main hallway they had a series of paintings of Columbus’ travels to the new world. The first painting was a depiction of his blessing before his departure at 3 1/2 AM Friday, August 5, 1492. I wonder if that was daylight savings time?

 Day 429 South Bend IN 4360_Fotor

     We saw “Touchdown Jesus”:

Day 429 South Bend IN 4373_Fotor

     Tidbit of information: Chaplain William Corby, of Notre Dame, is only one of three non military individuals to have a statute on the Gettysburg Battlefield. The others were President Lincoln, and the only civilian casualty of the battle. I told you about that person on Day 80. You remember, of course.  



6 thoughts on “South Bend, Indiana

  1. Nice picture of the University and Barbara’s backside once again. Would it be too much to ask her to turn around when you take the picture? Thanks Steven you’re doing a great job.👍

    1. If she turns around, then it is a posed picture. I try not to take posed pictures. I could have taken the picture without her in it, but than a picture without a person might as well be a postcard.

  2. Did you get the postcard wisdom from me or Mom? Posed picture are always better than ‘au naturale’ (check my holiday cards for proof). I wonder if indigenous people will come to Notre Dame to pull down the paintings of Columbus.

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