Wamego, Kansas

Day 454


 Day 454 Wamego, KS 4966_Fotor

     You can’t go to Kansas without visiting Dorothy. 

     The Kansas Pacific Railroad began building it’s main line westward in 1863 which led to the founding of Wamego in 1866. The town was named for a Potawatomi chief. The town was built on the Kansas river, and developed as a point of transporting settlers and supplies across the plains. 

     Today, Wamego is most noted for the OZ Museum, which is home to one of the largest privately own collections of Oz memorabilia. 

 Day 454 Wamego, KS 4943_Fotor

     Lyman Frank Baum, born May 15, 1856 in upstate New York, wrote the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, originally published May 17, 1900. He was a prolific writer, but this remains the work he is most remembered for, mostly as a result of the 1939 movie with Judy Garland. 

     Tidbit of Information: In Baum’s book, Dorothy wears magical silver shoes, not ruby slippers. In filming the movie, the silver shoes did not show up well in the new Technicolor film processing against the yellow brick road. The shoes were changed to red slippers for the better contrast. 

Day 454 Wamego, KS 4949_Fotor


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