Dodge City, Kansas

Day 459

     Heading West from Wichita we checked into Dodge City at the Gunsmoke RV Park.

Day 459 Dodge City KS 5394_Fotor

     We met Charlie Mead, Deputy U.S. Marshall for Dodge City. He told us about Dodge City and those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Day 459 Dodge City KS 5417_Fotor

     Fort Dodge was established in 1865 to protect wagon trains on the Santa Fe Trail. Six years later in 1871, five miles west of the Fort, a pioneer by the name of Henry L. Sitler constructed a three-room sod house. Built to oversee his cattle ranch, Sitler’s home became a frequent stopping place for buffalo hunters and traders. Dodge City was founded the next year, on August 15, 1872, at the edge of the military reservation, with the Sitler’s home as the first building. It quickly became a trade center for travelers and buffalo hunters. Dodge City was named after Fort Dodge and Col. Richard I. Dodge (commander of Ft. Dodge).

     Like Wichita, urban renewal removed all the remnants of the original Dodge City, so, a re-creation was made.

Day 459 Dodge City KS 5476_Fotor

     During those early years, Dodge City also acquired an infamous stamp of lawlessness and gun-slinging. There was no local law enforcement and the military had no jurisdiction over the town. Charlie reminded us that in 1872 it was said there was no law west of Chicago, and no God west of Dodge City. 

     Doc Holiday thinks I cheated him, and is drawing his gun. 

Day 459 Dodge City KS 5411_Fotor

     Buffalo hunters, railroad workers, drifters and soldiers scrapped and fought, leading to the shootings where men died with their boots on. This created a hasty need for a local burial place – Boot Hill Cemetery.  Before Boot Hill, Dodge City had no official cemetery. Persons dying who had friends, enough money or sufficient standing in the community, were buried in the post cemetery at Fort Dodge. Others, penniless or unknown, were buried where it was convenient to dig a hole. The cemetery was used until 1878. 

Day 459 Dodge City KS 5445_Fotor

     Traveling around the Country has left me penniless, so I am eligible to be buried at Boot Hill, with my boots on.     

     The cattle yard, just outside of Dodge, contained over 10,000 head of cattle, heading for your table. 

Day 459 Dodge City KS 5434_Fotor

     Well, it is time to get the hell out of Dodge!


Technical Stuff:

Wichita, Kansas to Dodge City, Kansas: 154.7 miles

3 hours 29 minutes

9.5 MPG

Diesel: $2.60


6 thoughts on “Dodge City, Kansas

  1. An interesting observation following your blog. Some context first, as someone who has travelled to 47 states, only during the summer, Christmas and Easter breaks (wife is a teacher), what is it like to be the only guests in town? When we travel, all of these tourist attractions are just packed with people. You all must be treated like kings when you travel because you might (guessing) be the only tourist they see all day in Kansas. 🙂

  2. How good of you to change your shirt between the time Doc Holiday shot you and they laid you to rest on boot hill, although it looks more like you sneaker-ed in.

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