Day 493

     We decided to sleep in late after attending the Special Shapes Balloon Glow last night.

     As usual the balloons took off for the day’s activities at 7:00 AM. From our bed we looked out our window to watch the hundreds of balloons fly over head. For some reason they were flying very low, which gave us a spectacular view. 

     One balloon, Tiger Paw Express, looked like it was heading right for our Sphinx. It was. 

     It landed in front of us. 

Day 493 Watch Out NM 6843_Fotor

     I asked the pilot if that was intended, and he said it looked like a nice wide spot, so he landed. Actually, balloons were landing all around us.

     Twenty minutes later, the balloon Primary Reflections, came toward us

Day 493 Watch Out NM 6851_Fotor

It also landed next to the Sphinx. 

     Bystanders came over to help collapse the balloon

     The balloon crew dismantled the basket

     and folded up the balloon in a neat package

     They sure were accommodating to give us such a show, what more can you ask for?

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