Balloon Fiesta Last Day, NM

Day 495Day 495 Balloon last day NM 7004_Fotor

     We got up before sunrise and went the half mile to the Balloon Fiesta Launch Field, and this is what we saw:Day 495 Balloon last day NM 7002_Fotor

     The balloonists were all waiting to see if the winds would die down. The yellow flag was flying, indicating that all launches were on hold because of high wind (above 10 MPH).Day 495 Balloon last day NM 7008_Fotor

     It wasn’t looking good. The balloonists began dumping their propane. Day 495 Balloon last day NM 7007_Fotor

     By 9:00 A.M. the red flag was out. Day 495 Balloon last day NM 7015_Fotor

     Oh Well, on to our next adventure.


4 thoughts on “Balloon Fiesta Last Day, NM

  1. Balloon pictures have been great all week. Enjoyed seeing them all. It is funny that everyone has heavy winter coats on in the pictures. We just came home tonight from North Dakota. Our last three days up there were sunny and in the mid 70’s. Weather is so weird. So which way are you guys heading?

      1. Then you definitely want to stop at the International UFO Museum. Lots of history in that old theatre, though the parking lot is not big enough for the rig. There is also very few gas stations between ALB and Roswell. Actually, there isn’t much of anything if you take I -40 to U.S. 285. When you are down in Las Cruces, you definitely want to hit White Sands Missile range, White Sands National Monument and the New Mexico Space Museum. And don’t forget McGinn’s Pistacioland – largest pistachio in the world. It’s all in Alamogordo, NM near Las Cruces. Pleanty of parking for the rig. Oh, if you go to the National Monument, take big sheets of card board. You will understand when you get there..happy travels.

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