Lubbock Airfield, Texas

Day 510

     The Silent Wings Museum is located on Lubbock Airfield in Lubbock, Texas. It is in tribute and remembrance of the gliders used in World War II. During the war nine preliminary military glider pilot training fields operated in Texas, with one of those sites here at Lubbock Municipal Airport. This museum opened in October, 2002.

     The primary glider used by the Army was built by the WACO Aircraft Co. of Troy, Ohio. It was designated as a cargo assault glider, with a designation of CG-4A. The glider could carry troops, or equipment, including a jeep, bulldozer, or a small tank. It’s primary purpose was to glide silently behind enemy lines to bring or supply troops. 

     America was a slow starter in using gliders, even though Germany was using them successfully to invade it’s neighboring countries before the US got into the War. This glider was not used until 1943 during the invasion of Sicily. The result of this late start was lots of casualties, with 38% of all the gliders launched crashing. 

     The museum had the above restored CG-4A on display.

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