Rayne, Louisiana

Day 523

     The city of Rayne has a lot to croak about!

      In a small town in the middle of Louisiana’s Cajun prairie, a stone’s throw from New Orleans, is a town called Rayne, where frogs have gained iconographic stature. Frogs and Rayne have a relatively long history that dates back to the 1880s, when a gourmet chef named Donat Pucheu started selling juicy, delectable bullfrogs to New Orleans restaurants. Word of Rayne’s frog delicacies spread like wildfire, and soon attracted the Weill Brothers from France, who started a lucrative business exporting frogs to restaurants. For years, world-renowned restaurants like Sardi’s in New York boasted of offering frog legs from Rayne, Louisiana. (Plagiarized from “The History of Rayne”, published by the town)

     The city of Rayne goes back to the 1800’s when the railroad came to town. The city was first called Pouppeville, but changed their name to honor the engineer who laid the tracks.

     We are in the heart of Acadia. The Acadians were run out of Nova Scotia and a lot of them went to Louisiana, so there is a heavy French heritage down here. Those decedents are now called Cajuns.


     Because of it’s frog heritage, there are frog statutes throughout the town:

     Rayne is also known for it’s murals:

     Many murals represent the business on who’s wall it is painted, and of course, feature frogs:

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