Bellingrath Gardens, Alabama

Day 534

     Although Bellingrath Gardens, in Theodore, Alabama, is best known for it’s lush gardens, we went there in the evening to view it’s Christmas display which feature over 3 million lights with 1,000 set pieces in 13 themed scenes spaced around the estate.

     Originally this was the home of Walter and Bessie Bellingrath. Walter Bellingrath was one of the first Coca-Cola bottlers in the Southeast, and with his wealth built the estate garden and home.

     Tidbit of Information: The garden pathways are composed of flagstone that had been obtained from the old city sidewalks in Mobile, where they had been in place since arriving as ballast in sailing vessels. 

     We arrived just before sunset so that we could see some of the flowers. 

     As the sun set, the lights began to shine.

     They had some unique displays

     Ok, is the moon waning or waxing?

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