Fort Mill, South Carlolina

Day 543

     Although the town of Fort Mill was not incorporated until 1873, after the Civil War, it has a rich history, including the site of the last Cabinet Meeting of the Confederate States of America.

     The town of Fort Mill, originally called Little York, takes its name from a colonial-era fort built by the British. Thomas Spratt was the first European to settle here around 1750.

     Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Cabinet passed through the area during their flight from Richmond. The last meeting of the full Confederate Cabinet was held in Fort Mill on April 29, 1865.

     Fort Mill’s Confederate Park, a tribute to the Southern Cause, contains the nation’s only monument to slaves fighting on the Confederate side of the War of Northern Aggression. 


     The park is funded by private citizens, and therefore the Government cannot take down the monuments, like in New Orleans.

     Although, to my dismay, there were no confederate flags flying, they still have a street called Confederate St.

     Tidbit of Information: In the 1980s, Fort Mill was the home to TV evangelist Jim Bakker’s now defunct Heritage USA.

Technical Stuff:

Atlanta, Georgia to Fort Mill, South Carolina: 237.9 miles

5 hours and 4 minutes

10.9 MPG

Diesel: $2.70

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