Battle of Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Day 569

     On December 25, 1837, as part of the United States Government’s effort to rid Florida of the Seminole Indians, 800 US troops under the leadership of Zachary Taylor, engaged 400 Seminole warriors led by Chief Billy Bolek, known as the Alligator Chief. 

     The Indians engaged the troops in an effort to allow the women and children to evacuate the area. Once that was accomplished, the Indians retreated, killing 28 Americans, and wounding 111, most of whom died of their wounds. The Indians suffered 11 dead and 14 wounded. The press seized upon the Indian retreat as a major victory for Zachary Taylor, which made him an American hero and led to him winning the Presidency of the United States. 

     Chief Bolek considered this a win for the Indians based on the number of Americans killed, and the fact they accomplished their objective. Years later he visited Washington and on being escorted through the buildings of the Capitol and viewing many statues and paintings, he suddenly halted before a portrait of Zachary Taylor, grinned and exclaimed: “Me whip!”

     The site of the battlefield is now considered hollow ground, as evidenced by this marker:

Next to the marker is this dumpster and outhouse:

     What is inside the outhouse?

     “On December 25, 1837 Colonel Zachary Taylor stood here:”

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