Mount Dora, Florida

Day 577

     We were here on Day 18.

     Dora Ann Fletcher was born on May 12, 1826 in Irwin, George. She married James Drawdy in 1843 and had 3 children. When he died in 1848 she married his cousin William and had 6 more children. She and her husband, William, wanted to live the frontier life. At that time Florida had recently joined the Union and was mostly unexplored wilderness. The Drawdy family built a raft and ferried their possessions down the Suwannee River and then by horse and wagon to Central Florida. William and Dora placed a claim on 164 acres near a large lake. 

     Dora befriended federal surveyors with her warm hospitality. In 1846, the surveyors named Lake Dora for her, and years later, in 1883, the small but growing town was named for the lake. The town’s name was officially changed to Mount Dora to reflect the fact that the settlement rests upon a plateau 184 feet above sea level – an unusual feature in Florida.

     Visited the Mount Dora Museum. This museum is the location of the first fire station and city jail, which opened in 1923.

     The exhibits highlight activities in Mount Dora from the 1880s to the 1930s. Like this old time mix-master:

     Whether you lived or died, this guy made money:

Technical Stuff:

Ft. Myers, Fl to Mt. Dora, Fl: 206.9 miles

4 hours 33 minutes

9.6 MPG

Diesel: $2.96

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