Indian Bayou, Milton, Florida

Day 586

     Our campground is located on the Indian Bayou. We decided to go canoeing on the Bayou from our campground, even though we had never canoed before.

     It took us 15 minutes to get the canoe off the shore. We placed the canoe in the water, with the rear still on the beach. Barbara got in and we almost turned the canoe over. We decided I would get in the bottom of the canoe in the middle, with Barbara in the rear. Could not get the boat off the shore. Got out, pushed the canoe further in the water, and tried again…. and again. Finally got all the way in the water without tipping over. 

     Fortunately, the water was very calm. We paddled for about 45 minutes up the Bayou when he saw a large splash in the water just ahead of us. We saw bubbles coming out of the water from the shore to the middle of where we were paddling. We figured it was either a large turtle, or an alligator. We quickly made a 180 degree turn, and began paddling back down the Bayou.

     We did see some wildlife (other than the turtle or alligator). 

One thought on “Indian Bayou, Milton, Florida

  1. Fun, fun😀 A girlfriend and I flipped our canoe in the Everglades years ago. We were drenched, but in only~3 ft of swamp, and couldn’t see/hear any crocs OR stop laughing 🤣 After retrieving the paddles and our plastic-bagged belongings and valuables–3 beers. After sharing a beer, we carefully? tried to follow the instructions we had received an hour ago about “righting” our vessel. Despite continually laughing, we quickly (45 min later) uprighted the canoe with both of us IN the canoe and used one paddle to retrieve the other. So we could partially dry off before docking😉 we slowly finished the 2 beers. Still laughing, we docked and got back our deposit.
    Some adventures last a lifetime, and am still giggling now🤣
    Continue on! 😎☮️🖖

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