Lehi, Utah

Day 654

     A group of Mormon pioneers settled the area now known as Lehi in the fall of 1850 in the northernmost part of Utah Valley. It is named after Lehi, a prophet in the Book of Mormon. Lehi City was incorporated on February 5, 1852.

     Thanksgiving Point is a nonprofit museum complex and estate garden founded by Alan Ashton, co-founded of the software company WordPerfect. In 1994, WordPerfect was sold for nearly a billion dollars. After the sell, Alan purchased farm land in Lehi, Utah and gifted it to his wife Karen on February 14, 1995 (aah!). The name for the project, Thanksgiving Point, was chosen to express gratitude. The complex consists of museums and gardens, and is the host of the annual Tulip Festival, which is going on now. 

     We went to the tulip festival where they had over 280,000 tulips in more than 150 varieties. 

      They had 10 different areas, including this impressive Italian Garden

     There is snow in the mountains, but tulips here.

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