Great Falls, Montana

Day 663

     Great Falls, Montana, takes its name from the five waterfalls along the upper Missouri River.

     Meriwether Lewis was the first white person to visit the area, which he did on June 13, 1805, as part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

     Following the return passage of Lewis and Clark in 1806, the next white person to come here was explorer and trapper Jim Bridger in 1822. Bridger led a fur-trading expedition to the future city location in April 1823 (and was attacked by Blackfeet Indians while camping at the site).

     The City of Great Falls was founded in 1883 by Businessman Paris Gibson, born July 1, 1830.

     We are here for a week to have maintenance done on the Truck and Sphinx. We will be meeting here with the other RV’ers to begin our trek to Alaska. Going through Canada and up to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and back is a 7,000 mile journey and will take us just under 3 months. We will probably be stopping at the North Pole to say hi to Santa. 

Technical Stuff:

Dillon, Montana to Great Falls, Montana: 222.7 miles

4 hours 28 minutes

10.0 MPG

Diesel: $3.15

3 thoughts on “Great Falls, Montana

  1. Been there and done that. For many years I flew into Great Falls annually to visit sister that lived 150 miles north east. Usually visited in March for the C.M. Russell art show. Also spent a summer working in Glacier Park at the Rising Sun camp. You are heading for beautiful country.Judy

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