The Alaska-Canadian Highway (ALCAN)

DAY 687

     The rest of our RV caravan group has now joined us here in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Mile 0 of The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alaska-Canadian Highway (ALCAN). We are beginning our journey along the entire Highway, to Fairbanks, Alaska. This part of our trek is 1,422 miles and will take us to Delta Junction, Alaska, the end of the ALCAN. It should take us 12 days.

     Their are 19 RV’s and 37 people, plus their animals (dogs & cats). It seems most RV’ers we have met, have animals.

     Each RV is numbered, from biggest to smallest. We are #5.

     There are 3 Class A,

another 5th wheel larger than us, down to the smallest, a Class C.

     Some of the campgrounds we will be staying during the next 12 days are small and primitive. The Assistant Wagon-master, called “The Scout”, will leave before all the other RV’s so that he can arrive at the campground first and organize the parking of the 19 rigs. The numbering tells him our size so that an appropriate place will be waiting for us when we arrive.

     The remaining rigs will leave in groups of 4 or 5, called “pods”. We will leave in 30 minute intervals so that we all don’t arrive at the campground at the same time and overwhelm them. Tomorrow, I will be leaving in the last “pod” so that all the smaller RV’s can be parked first, as the “big” sites are on the perimeter. This varies by campground. 

     It will be interesting to see how we will function, as some of these primitive sites have no sewer hookups, and only 15 amp electric. We are a 50 amp unit. I have converter plugs so we can hookup to the 15 amp. Barbara will have to give up some of her conveniences, curling iron, hair dryer, microwave.

5 thoughts on “The Alaska-Canadian Highway (ALCAN)

  1. Why were campgrounds chosen that would not accommodate all the RVs and the amps that you needed and had sewerage hookups. Who decided on these campgrounds.? Maybe needed to research a little more. Hope you’re having fun.

    1. We are literally in the Wilderness. There is only one road to Alaska, the ALCAN, and no cities along the route. It was originally built for the military, and no industries to support a city. You can drive for hundreds of miles and see nothing but mountains, trees, and wildlife. No people. The few facilities are mainly for truckers. Where there are fuel stops, is where we find some RV parks. Most people fly to Alaska and the big cities. Some places have no sewer because it is only above freezing for a short period. Today, we are in the Yukon Territory, The high today will only be 50 degrees. Last night it went down to freezing. There is no electricity. The campgrounds have to use generators for electric. Yesterday, the generators could not support 19 rigs and kept blowing circuits, cause all electric to go out.

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